WOHI founder Monica Westin with the children of Ghana


Founded in 1997 by Monica Westin, World of Hope International (WOHI) began with a small preschool and clinic in a small rural village called Samsam Odumase, Ghana. Today, our operations in Ghana span a library (open to all), a preschool recognized by the Ghana Education Service, a clean potable water supply program, a female empowerment project, HIV/AIDS awareness education, and sports peer-to-peer education program.

By collaborating with community leaders in order to foster relationships and create an acceptable format to communicate important messages, WOHI aims at making specific and substantial steps to inprove the lives of children. We know programs that do not consider the civil, political, economic, social and cultural factors have limited success. We are also aware, that as a small organization, we must be realistic about how and in what way we can best serve children. We believe that the success in our mission is achieved by focusing on a grass-roots initiatives, while building a viable program with ties to all levels of the community.

All of our programs are designed to promote youth leadership as a means of empowering local youths to become self reliant. Over the past ten years, WOHI has grown into an organization intended to serve children all over the globe. In addition to Ghana, WOHI’s mission touches the lives of children in Sweden and the United States. Our founding project in Ghana, will serve as a pilot program which WOHI envisions expanding to additional communities in Ghana and other targeted countries.


  • Monica Westin, Founder/President
  • Elizabeth Vose, Vice President
  • Caroline Garcia, N.D.
  • Alexis Karetzky, MBA
  • Antonio D’Auria
  • Henrik Westin, ESQ
  • H.H. Dr The Prince Milan Glendza Petrovic-Njegos


  • James Leckman, MD
  • Harald Schlegel
  • Cavaliere Philip Bonn, MA, FRSA
  • Huseyin Ozer
  • Fernando Garcia