The primary focus of World of Hope

International is to promote :




The objective of our EDUCATION work is to promote literacy, numeracy, creative arts and problem solving skills.


As per the Ghana Education Reform 2007, emphasis in WOHI Preschool is on Literacy, Numeracy, Creative Arts and Problem Solving Skills. WOHI is very proud of its preschool. With about a student population between the ages of 3 and 5, the preschool has grown 110% over the past ten years. Our teachers have raised the standards of education offered in Samsam Odumase. In fact, the instructors in the villages elementary school have commented on the significant preparedness of WOHI students for overall school work in comparison to other students who have attended preschool elsewhere.

WOHI waives mandatory school fees, including enrollment, school uniforms, and books for all of the attendees. Currently, WOHI Preschool has a waiting list of 60 students. One of our challenges has been to welcome all children while reaching an optimal student teacher ratio.

Our goal is to equip our students with the power to make a difference in Ghana, which is why we feel it is imperitive that all WOHI Preschool students be given the best education possible. In order to ensure that WOHI Preschool teachers convey our vision, we also pay for teacher training provided by Ghana Education Service (GES). 


WOHI uses its soccer program as a platform to train soccer players to become HIV/AIDS peer educators. This is achieved by requiring that all players attend school in order to play on the team. The World of Hope Soccer Team is coached by Moro Addy. The popularity of the soccer program has expanded school enrollment to individuals who would have otherwise been difficult to access. 


USA: In response to September 11, Monica Westin launched a poetry and art contest in 12 schools surrounding the New York metropolitan area. All winners were featured in Seeds Of Hope: A Message From Young Voices In The Aftermath Of September 11. This book teaches us that love, peace, freedom, hope, friendship, respect and understanding have survived the confusion and pain of September 11